7 Good Habits For Clicking Better Photos


Every budding or aspiring photographer wants to click stunning and splendid images. They all want to click photographs that can be admired and praised by others. But achieving such images usually takes time. It doesn’t happen by just buying a fancy camera (which is a common misconception with a lot of people these days!). It doesn’t happen by going to fancy locations too. It happens when you persistently and dedicatedly work towards making even the most ordinary things look beautiful. And you’ve got to develop good habits for that.

It’s a lot like being a good kid all year round so Santa brings you the best of presents on Christmas! So when you develop good habits for clicking better photos, you’ll be able to get stunning and priceless shots. Listed here are few such habits that you must develop.

1. Click Everyday

Good photography doesn’t happen overnight or in just one go. It happens when you practice everyday. There is science involved in the making and functioning of a camera, and there is art and aesthetics involved in framing the perfect shot. Only when you practice everyday do you understand the combination of both better, and that’s when you start getting good pictures. So make it a point to take your camera along with you everyday, wherever you go, and practice as much as you can whenever possible.

2. Be Ready and Prepared in advance

You want to catch the sunset, but forgot to charge the camera battery in a hurry? You are at a wedding, but forgot to carry your tele lens and are stuck with just a fisheye? Don’t let that happen. To get better photos, your focus should be on the photos and the creative aspect of them, NOT on backend problems. Good photographers always prepare in advance by cleaning their lenses and cameras, charging their batteries and packing all necessary things way in advance. They are also never late at an event, so there is no hurry to do things and cover up for the time lost.

3. Move Yourself, not the world!

A good habit to get better photos is to be more proactive. If there are people blocking your view, move around and look for another angle. Ask yourself consciously, will you get a better shot when you kneel down or go up a tree? Look around for more angles and shooting points around you. Better pictures don’t come by asking people to move things or themselves for you; they come by moving yourself and making good use of obstructions, such as playing with them in foregrounding etc. So break that habit of getting a ‘clear’ view of things, and make yourself move as much as you can.

4. Take inspiration

It’s always good to see the work of others. You must learn more about the best photographers in the world, and what famous photographers did to be where they are today. Read more, learn more, and consequently you will be evolving each day, with your photography skills getting better and better. If you like certain photos, try and duplicate those to enhance your photography skills. Challenge yourself to get similar photos, and you will realize that you are learning new things in the process.

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