10 Ways To Become A Better Student


When the annual award ceremony happens in your school or college, you often find yourself envious of that person who got the ‘Student of the Year’ award. You feel like you should have been there receiving that award instead, and promise to yourself that you will do that next year for sure. But come next year, and you are still sitting there, watching someone else take the highest rankings and all the awards. What went wrong?

Most professors and counselors say that good students aren’t really those who have a very sharp brain, but ones who have good habits. To be able to score good marks and get all the awards shouldn’t be difficult for you, as long as you aim towards being a better student by developing some good habits and following some worthwhile practices.

Listed here are some ways to become a better student.

1. Attend All Your Classes

Needless to say, you have to start from the most basic of things. Attend all your classes, because the kind of interaction that happens in a classroom is far more useful to remember concepts than just mugging the theories from books a day before the exams. Make sure that you avoid bunking classes or turning up late for lectures, and give your complete attention when you’re there.

2. Take Notes

Not everything that is said in a classroom will stay in your head or will be available later on to go through from your textbooks. So make it a habit to take notes in your class. Write them as neatly and in as organized a manner as possible in order to make your study process a lot easier later on.

3. Study Daily

Make it a point to come back every day from school or college and go through your notes once. It doesn’t necessarily mean memorizing them. But if you start just reading through your notes daily, you will realize that a lot of it stays in your brain even till the exams, reducing the pressure of memorizing for you that time. Repetition and reinforcement are the keys to making things stay in your head.

4. Finish Your Assignments On Time

Much like studying daily, finishing your assignments on time is also important for the same reason. If you’ve studied a concept in class today, doing the assignment for the same today will help you to make the information stay in your head a lot better. Information from class would be fresh in your head, rather than postponing your assignment to another day, by which time you’d have forgotten a lot of things from your class.

5. Do Extra Research

As a student, you must take interest in your subjects. If something is taught in class, go to the library and look for other books covering the same concepts. Read more, research more, and try and gain more knowledge about the concepts than what is just being taught in class. This extra information not only makes your assignments unique and better as compared to others, but also helps you gain more knowledge, making concepts stay in your head better.

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