7 Dating Myths that Should be Totally Ditched

d7 Dating Myths that Should be Totally Ditched

There are a number of people out there giving each other bad dating advice and adhering to outdated myths about love and romance. This list will serve as an eye-opener for you and guide you correctly into the world of correct dating.

1. “Wait for him to ask you out”

You are not a damsel in distress waiting for a knight in shining armor anymore. If women are independent today in all ways of life, then it doesn’t make sense to depend on men to ask you out. In fact, most men are impressed by a girl’s guts to debunk this stupid myth and make the first move. So go ahead girl, live your life without regrets.

2. “Wait for his call for the second date”

Again, this is 2013 and women don’t need to depend on men, wait for them endlessly and preoccupy themselves with the “will he, won’t he” mind games. You don’t have the time to waste on this. If you like him, simplify the situation and ask him out for a second date. It’s no big deal.

3. “Judge a man by his attire”

Many women proudly state that they have rejected or got appalled by a man simply by seeing his style of dressing and his choice in shoes. Ladies, that’s a pretty dumb thing to do for you may be rejecting Mr. Right simply because he needs a little improvement in the dressing up department. Don’t be so judgmental.

4. “Never reveal your full past”

Everyone is playing the dating game and there is no shame in being honest with your partner about your past. If a man expects his partner to be a virgin until marriage then it’s his problem, thanks to his medieval age thinking, not yours.

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