8 Wonderful Things the Chinese have given the World

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China boasts of being the most ancient civilization in the world. It has also specialized in almost all fields and contributed immensely to the structure of the modern age though its many inventions. Some of the most basic things such as printing, has its roots in ancient China before it became commercialized during the industrial revolution. Other wonderful things that the country has offered the world are listed below.

1. Scrumptious cuisine

After American cuisine, the most popular cuisine in the world is undoubtedly that of China. Different parts of the world have adapted the basic Chinese foods and sauces and customized them with their own flavor. Almost everyone in the world today has had a taste of Chinese noodles, fried rice, Schezwan and Manchurian sauces and soups.

2. Green tea

Green tea is right on top of the list of the healthiest products to consume. This Chinese discovery not only helps in weight loss, it also helps to ward off diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, dementia and increase longevity. No wonder the Chinese live for long years.

3. Everything is ‘Made in China’

Almost everything you use today has the tag ‘Made in China’. All countries are dependent on China for manufacturing a variety of goods from safety pins to toys to furniture to tractors. The huge population and cheap labor costs have definitely helped China as well as the world in the production of ample goods for everyone out there.

4. Martial arts

We have China to thank for inventing martial arts and making the world a fitter and more disciplined place. Today, karate, Kung fu, Muay Thai, Tai Chi and such other exercises are performed all over the world to improve concentration, flexibility, fitness and endurance.

5. Paper and silk

The Chinese were the ones who invented the basic paper and thus invented books, documents, printing and education as a system. Also, they were the first ones to harness the potential of silk worms and discover how silk could be made from them.

6. Iron and steel

The biggest contribution of the Chinese to the world is the development of iron and steel, two of the most important components that make up almost everything we use today. In the 4th century the Chinese had developed blast furnaces to obtain cast iron from iron ore. They also figured out that by adding a substance they called ‘Black Earth’, they could lower the melting point of iron.

7. Acupuncture

Chinese herbs, medicines and relieving techniques such as acupuncture have greatly helped many people around the world and healed them of their distress.

8. Porcelain and gunpowder

China is also the inventor of porcelain which we today popularly call as chinaware. Besides delicate porcelain dishes, they made gunpowder too without which there would be no guns, rifles, bombs, etc.

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