9 Hidden Allergy Hot Spots in Your Home

9 Hidden Allergy Hot Spots in Your Home

A lot of people suffer from allergy. 55% of the U.S. population is allergic to something or the other. Sometimes we simply can’t figure out the thing that we are allergic to. People can usually figure out the food that they are allergic to but it is a little tricky to determine why they sneeze or get rashes on their skin when they don’t eat food that causes allergy. If you are one of those confused people who can’t understand the reason behind the unusual signs given by your body then this is the right page for you. Here are some allergy hot spots in your home that can cause skin or other type of allergy.

1. Upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture provides a cozy home to the dust mites. So, you must keep the covered as well as uncovered furniture items to get rid of all the dust particles. Vacuum all the furniture items and prevent dust build-up. Also, beware of the furniture items that are stored in damp areas. Don’t just bring a couch from the, consider it safe to use and start using it. Such furniture items might contain mold spores. You can use a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture in damp rooms. Go for furniture with leather, vinyl or other kinds of smooth surfaces. Don’t go for heavily upholstered furniture.

2. Bed sheets and comforters

You can’t even imagine how many dead skin cells you are leaving in your bed every day. Sleeping in the bed for eight hours leaves behind countless dead skin cells that attract dust mites. You can put allergen-proof casings on the mattresses, the bed base and the pillows to stay away from skin irritation or any other allergy. Make sure that you wash your sheets, throws and pillows every week. Vacuum the mattresses, duvet, comforters and pillows. Don’t go for bedding sets, throws, pillows, and comforters that are not machine or hand washable.

3. Bathrooms

Have you ever seen mildew growing on your bathroom’s shower tiles? This happens to every household. The mold spores like to settle at warm and wet places and your bathroom provides it with the ideal conditions to grow. Look for black mold in your bathroom. It often grows in the hidden areas. It contaminates the area that’s behind your walls or under the floor.

4. Soft toys

The cuteness of a soft toy can simply drag you towards it, but beware! This soft toy could have a lot of dust trapped into it. Kids are prone to skin irritations caused by soft toys because they simply can’t resist cuddling those soft teddies. These cuddly little teddy bears can make things worse if your kids are allergic to dust. Soft toys kept in damp areas are the worst possible thing you can give a kid to play with.

5. Kitchen

Your kitchen can be the favorite room for mold. Still water and damp counters are mold magnets. You must keep all the counters clean. Dry the grinders and other appliances once they are washed. Scrub the drip tray of your refrigerator regularly. Keep your kitchen dry and neat and throw away the old, moldy food that’s there in the fridge.

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