7 Best Desserts From Around the World

7 Best Desserts From Around the World

The very mention of the word, ‘desserts’ brings water in people’s mouths and a picture of their favorite sweet dish pops up in their head. There are innumerable kinds of mouthwatering sweet treats in the world and to be counted among the top 7 is a very big task. This list depicts the desserts that have gained appreciation from all over the world, by people of diverse tastes. If you have tried them, great, and if you haven’t, then go for them immediately and make your life sweeter.

1. Churros of Spain

Churros have become a huge rage worldwide and what many don’t know is that its origins are rooted in Spain. These are thick strands of sweet dough fried to a crisp glorious golden brown color and sprinkled with powdered sugar. They have become popular street foods as well as fine dine options almost everywhere around the globe. They taste best when dipped and eaten with hot chocolate sauce.

2. Rabdi of India

India and Pakistan are homes to some of the most wonderful tasting food in the world. The amount of desserts that these 2 countries have produced are mind boggling, however if one best sweet treat had to be chosen among them, it would have to be the rabdi. Although the rasgulla and gulab jamun give it tough competition, rabdi, with it’s thick, creamy texture and heavenly milky taste is a cut above the rest.

3. Maple taffy of Canada

Canadians use maple in almost every dessert of theirs. The country’s flag itself sports a maple leaf so you can imagine how devoted they are to this tree. Maple taffy is basically hot sweet maple syrup pouted on ice, rolled as taffy and served on a stick. It’s basically an ice candy with a twist and the taste is splendid enough to make you want more and more.

4. Gelato of Italy

There is no denying that the Italians treated the world when they invented the gelato. Gelatos have become the world’s favorite ice cream because of their low fat content as compared to traditional ice creams and their creamy smooth texture that melts in the mouth.

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