7 Airplane Etiquette Rules to Remember

7 Airplane Etiquette Rules to Remember

Anyone who has traveled by air more than a couple of times will have an annoying piece to tell about someone who got them irked on their journey. The world is filled with manner less and uncouth people, and if you are a frequent traveler, you have to bear their brunt quite frequently. The best thing you can do is be a mannered person who knows her etiquette. This way others would take a cue from you as well. Here are 7 etiquette to remember while on an airplane.

1. Switch off electronics

How much ever busy people are, they ought to switch off their electronics before the flight takes off and lands. These instructions are given for your own safety as the radio frequency interference emitted by these devices can cause hindrances in the aircraft pilot-ground communications which are of utmost importance. Hence, you ought to bid adieu to whoever you are talking to or whatever work you are doing, as soon as you start lining up for boarding until it is safe to use them in the airplane.

2. Maintain silence and peace

Airplanes should be among the last places to make noise or talk and walk as if you are in a garden. Since it’s a small space wherein strangers are sitting quite close to each other, it’s only thoughtful to talk to one another in low volumes or do your own thing silently.

3. Follow instructions

Respect the rules and regulations that have been set by the airlines for your and the fellow passengers’ safety and convenience. Do as your air-hostess tells you to; buckle the seat belt, raise your seat upright and abide by all the rules set by the airline. Make sure you advise others who may not be following them to take the instructions seriously as well.

4. Get your kids to shut up

If you are going along with kids or babies, be a good caretaker and shut them up if they are making too much noise or running amok. It’s your responsibility to make sure that others are not left inconvenienced by any of your actions. Pacify your kid as quietly as possible, give them a coloring book, stick a pacifier in their mouth, do anything to ensure that they are calm at all times.

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