6 Ways to Welcome a New Neighbor

6 Ways to Welcome a New Neighbor

So a new neighbor has just settled in your neighborhood and you don’t know quite how to make them feel at ease? Shifting residences is a tough transition for anyone and it helps immensely if you extend your welcoming hand to them. Do your good deed of the day and make new friends with your newly arrived neighbors by implementing these ways.

1. Bake a cake and go over

The oldest and most common way to welcome a new neighbor is by doing the friendly gesture of making a sweet dish, preferably a cake, and going over to their house to deliver it to them. This way the first meeting gets off to a sweet start and you can meet all of the family members. It is best to go in the evening or night time when they are done with their day’s work of unpacking and unloading stuff.

2. Invite them for a meal at your place

Inviting them over for dinner, lunch or high tea is a good way to welcome the new neighbors. You can either call them over or fix up a meal for both families in a local restaurant, whichever suits you better. If the weather’s nice, you might also want to consider a backyard barbecue. There’s something about being outside with the beauty of nature that allows people to connect.

3. Request to help them out in shifting

You could go over whenever you have free time and ask them if you can help them out with the unloading and unpacking. Go ahead, introduce yourself warmly and make them feel comfortable enough to accept your invitation to help out. At the same time, if they seem well sorted without your help, don’t push them; just be courteous and retreat after having offered help.

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