6 Ways to Make Your Baby Sleep at Night

6 Ways to Make Your Baby Sleep at Night

A sleepless baby doesn’t stay up all night alone. The baby’s parents always have to be by his/her side. It can be very difficult to sit by the crib all night after having a tiring day at work or in the house. Moreover, it is not easy to see your baby cry all night. So, check out the below mentioned tips on how to make a baby sleep at night easily.

1. Find out where the baby sleeps best

There is no right or wrong place for babies to sleep. A lot of babies find it comforting to sleep in their own room and crib whereas some babies don’t find it good enough. Instead, they like to sleep in their crib but near their parents. So, it is important to find where your baby can sleep best. Bring the crib in your room at night if the baby is comfortable sleeping next to you. Try to keep the baby happy with a large doll. Dolls make babies think that they are not alone in the crib. They can give babies the feeling of being safe.

2. Create a ‘bed time’ sequence

The sequence of a warm bath, nursing, rocking and singing lullabies is ideal! Every baby’s brain is like a computer. It can store thousands of sequences and turn them into patterns. When you give the baby a bath at night, his/her brain gets prepared for the rest of the sequence. Make sure you breast feed the baby in a dark room. Sing lullabies in a very low volume.

3. Feed the bay during the day and help him understand that day time is not for sleeping

A small nap during the day is alright for babies but don’t let your baby sleep all day. This will keep the baby up all night. Some babies and toddlers play so much in the day time that they forget to eat. Such babies stay up at night to quench their hunger. This can be tiring for the mother. So, make sure you feed the baby after every three hours in the day. Also, allow him/her to play as much as he can. This will train the baby’s mind, helping it to understand that day time is for eating and playing while night time is for sleeping. Play doesn’t only help the baby to understand this pattern but it also makes your baby’s body feel the need to sleep at night.

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