6 Types of People You Will Meet In Your 30’s

7 Types of People You Will Meet In Your 30's

30’s is the time when people look to settle properly into their respective family and work related roles. While the teens are spent studying, and 20’s are gone finding yourself, it’s in the 30’s that people generally have a perspective in what they are doing in their lives, and where they aim to head exactly. Here are the 7 kinds of people you will encounter in your decade long journey.

1. The mid-life crisis victim

Mid-life crisis generally strikes people after 40. However, there are those over sensitive, over thinking men or women you will meet in your 30’s who are getting paranoid about it already. They are feeling old, out of place and even suicidal. They feel they are neither young nor old so they suffer.

2. The yuppie youngster

There are those men and women who have not grown up yet, and are still doing antics that should have been left behind in the 20’s. They are the eternal singles following the footsteps of George Clooney, go off on random adventures around the world or country, don’t really have a stable career and party like crazy. While others have become parents, such people have regressed to being kids.

3. The married and settled

These people are living the average normal life that most parents wish their children to live. These people have settled down in the true sense of the word by marrying, having kids, a stable career and a routine normal life.

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