5 Reasons Why You Should Never Keep Secrets from Your Doctor

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Keep Secrets from Your Doctor

Doctors are not magicians who would automatically know anything and every thing about you. Many people fail to realize the importance of revealing correct information to their doctors. Hiding truth from your doctors or giving partial information to them may be hazardous for you. Read on to know why you should refrain from keeping secrets from your doctors.

1. To evaluate correct diagnosis

Unless you tell your doctor about your actual symptoms, he may not be able to diagnose you correctly. And without correctly diagnosing you, it would become impossible for him to cure your disease.

2. For safe prescription

Many people tend to hide the intake of other prescription medicines or over-the-counter medicines from their doctors. Your doctor needs to know about all the alternative medicines including the nutritional and herbal supplements that you are taking. Though certain herbal and homeopathic remedies are safe, there are many other medicines that have dangerous side effects. Doctors can prescribe safe medicines only if they are totally aware of all that their patients are taking. Diverse medications have severe interactions that may create problems for patients.

3. For effective treatment

Most of the people feel embarrassed to talk to their doctors about the urinary infections or detected blood in their stools. It is very important to make your doctor aware of all the possible symptoms, without being embarrassed or shy about it. The symptoms which you disclose from your doctor might be an indication of any severe or complex health hazard that can be cured when diagnosed early.

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