8 Habits Every Woman Should Ditch

8 Habits Every Woman Should Ditch

Women can make their life easier and much more stress-free if they manage to get rid of certain negative habits. Here are 8 of these habits that ought to be ditched as soon as possible so as to make your life more enriching.

1. Wearing high heels frequently

Varicose veins, foot sores, corns, leg pains and back and knee pains are caused by wearing high heels almost daily. Wear platforms, pumps or flats for everyday wear and use your love for heels only for special occasions.

2. Wearing makeup everyday

Let your skin detoxify and breathe at least twice a week or so. Applying makeup everyday is not at all good for your skin. Stick to minimal makeup for daily wear such as eyeliner and lip gloss only.

3. Gossiping

Sharing stories about others’ lives with your gal pals in a limit, say at a girl’s night out or get-together is fun. However, if you tend to do so everyday, with almost everyone, then you are going to be in deep trouble and would have some serious explaining to do.

4. Being another woman’s enemy

The popular phrase that a woman is a woman’s worst enemy does hold quite true. Many a time women fail to support each other and in fact create problems for each other for their sadistic satisfaction. They should remember that it will always be a man’s world until the day when women unite and stand up for each other, not against one another.

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