6 Signs Your Boyfriend has Emotional Baggage

6 Signs Your Boyfriend has Emotional Baggage

Does your boyfriend mention his ex-girlfriend in all his conversations? Does he dwell a lot about his family’s tumultuous past? Does he always point out flaws in your relationship? All these are signs that your boyfriend is still reeling with memories of his past and he is carrying a lot of emotional baggage. Here are a few more signs to know whether he has emotional baggage or not.

1. He compares his ex with you

One of the worst things you can face in your relationship is being compared to your boyfriend’s ex. If he keeps making comparisons, it means that he still remembers his previous flame and he wants you to be like her in many ways. It can also mean that he is constantly looking for her behavioral traits in you. This is one of the most glaring signs that your boyfriend has emotional baggage.

2. He doesn’t trust women

Your boyfriend could be carrying baggage from the past if he keeps doubting the intentions of each woman. Being badly hurt by his ex may have left him permanently wounded because of which he can find it difficult to trust any woman, including you. If he thinks that the purpose of every woman is to use her man in a relationship, he could still be living in his past.

3. His behavior is not consistent

Does your boyfriend oscillate like a pendulum between being too romantic and being too distant? If he does, he could be full of insecurities and emotional baggage. When he acts too close to you, he feels like being possessive of you and when he remembers his past, he suddenly become cold towards you. This is a typical sign of having emotional baggage.

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