6 Signs You Have Daddy Issues

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It is extremely essential for a woman to have a father who shares a healthy relationship with her. In certain cases, where a woman’s father was absent from her life or was not emotionally available, there are chances of her having “daddy issues”. If you are not sure whether you have daddy issues or not, we give you some signs to make things clearer for you.

1. You require constant reassurance

If you are in a relationship and you find yourself seeking frequent reassurance of love or affection, then it could be sign of having daddy issues. This may not only be true for romantic relationships. Even when you are with your family members or friends, you would need that assurance that you are loved and cared for. It especially happens with women who did not get affection from their fathers or had fathers who were not vocal about their love. Such women constantly doubt other’s feelings for them and need to reminded every day of how much someone loves them.

2. You indulge in excessive flirting

A girl who has not had a father to give attention to her would constantly try to fill that void by gaining attention of other men. As an adult, she may come across as someone who uses flirting as a means to attract men. It may also happen that she just loves that rush of creating sexual tension with an unknown man.

3. You are sexually aggressive

A girl child needs a father figure to teach her the importance of respecting her own self and her body. Fathers are usually the ones who tell their daughters which guy to keep a safe distance from. Not having someone to help you understand these things leads to sexual aggression as you enter adulthood. You may feel that sex gives you power or it can get you the attention that you lacked as a kid. This constant need to fill a void is what leads to a world of suffering.

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