6 Signs You Are Love Sick

Signs You Are Love Sick

The romantic stories of Romeo and Juliet and Cressida and Troilus are reminders of glorious yet tragic love stories- of unrequited or lost love. Love’s labor lost holds true when you have failed as a lover, either to be with the person you desired or because you lost them at the hands of fate. Here are 7 signs that show you that you are love sick.

1. Food and sleep deprivation

Love lost in any form affects your bodily needs like food and sleep. You cannot sleep and keep thinking of your lover all night. Delicacies that once enticed your palate does not sound appealing anymore. You lose your appetite completely and ultimately your body suffers due to deteriorating physical condition.

2. Alcoholism

Can you think of a better or a healthier way to douse your pain? Perhaps not, from being an occasional drinker or non alcohol, you turn towards excessive drinking. It helps you forget your loved one or at least live under a false pretense for some time.

3. Socially invisible

You become a loner, a recluse- socially withdrawn person who seeks no other human companionship except for the beloved’s side. You stop attending phones, meeting family or friends.

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