5 Tips for Attending Your Ex’s Wedding

5 Tips for Attending Your Ex's Wedding

It is an awkward moment when you get invited to your ex’s wedding. You can either not go and avoid the drama or you can go there and come out a winner. In case you choose the latter, here are some tips on how to go about the whole thing.

1. Prepare yourself mentally before you leave the house

It is very important that you mentally prepare yourself for what may or may not happen at the wedding. Be ready for some awkward silences and weird moments. Things may turn bad and you must know what you are going to do in such situations. Have a talk with yourself and be aware of what is about to come.

2. Do not go alone

There is nothing worse than turning up alone at your ex’s wedding. This is not to say that you bring with you any Tom, Dick or Harry that you can get your hands on. Go with someone that you are comfortable with and someone who understands you and is aware of the situation. This will give you the added strength and also help you in case things turn bad and you need to turn to someone for comfort.

3. Keep it together

It is extremely important that you keep your cool at the wedding. Do not fall apart when you see your ex for the first time. You need to keep telling yourself that you are just here to wish the couple a good and happy life and not to create a scene. If you end up doing something foolish, then not only will you be ruining someone’s special day but you will also be making yourself the butt of all jokes.

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