6 Signs You are a Tomboy

6 Signs You are a Tomboy

There are girly girls who are at the opposite end of the spectrum of mankind and then there are women who are tomboys, inclined to have boyish or manly attributes and habits. If people call you a tomboy, you could very well be one. You can go through this checklist to confirm whether you really are ‘one of the guys’ or not.

1. Almost all your friends are male

Your group of close friends consist mostly or wholly of males. You have hardly a couple of female friends and you trust men more than women because you feel women are backstabbing, shallow, vain and untrustworthy.

2. You are more comfortable approaching guys

You are surely a tomboy if you not only hang out all the time with boys, but also approach them rather than girls for friendship. If you are at a party or event filled with strangers, you feel safer approaching a man and striking up a conversation with him because you think he will be more reliable than a woman. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out if you’re a tomboy.

3. You have no interest in ‘girly’ things

So called girly or feminine things like makeup, hairstyles, fashion, or discussions about dream weddings just don’t mean a thing to you. You don’t understand the fuss about maintaining hair, getting a pedicure and other beauty rituals.

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