6 Safety Tips for Women

6 Safety Tips for Women

In today’s violent and crime-infested society, it is most reasonable for a woman to feel frightened or intimidated when going out alone or even while staying at home. Hence, it is extremely important that every woman should be aware of certain safety measures which could save her life. Here are 6 safety tips for all you ladies out there.

1. Be aware

Statistics show that most women who are attacked are mostly unaware of the moment. This awareness is about yourself, your surroundings, and your attacker, and this is the first step. When aware, you don’t allow your attacker to take you by surprise, hence, not having a massive disadvantage at the moment.

2. Trust your intuitions

Call it “gut instinct” or “sixth sense”, the meaning is the same. If you ever feel that a person or a place is unsafe, do not attempt to be over-adventurous, unless you are well prepared to face any danger. This isn’t being paranoid. Personal safety comes above all.

3. Get self-defense training

Many people have a notion that self-defense training means martial arts. Well, unless you are a super-pro at this, in a realistic situation, you will not even have the chance to apply all that knowledge. Also, this art takes a very long time to get good at. Training should be more realistic and have simulation of how you could actually defend yourself in a real-life rape or attack situation.

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