6 Most Common Excuses Guys Use to Break Up With a Girl

6 Most Common Excuses Guys Use to Break Up With a Girl

There are some mysteries that will never get solved like ‘what exactly happens at the Bermuda triangle’. And then there are those that are evident but we refuse to believe them, thanks to that tricky thing called love. The pain of going through a breakup in itself is harrowing and it hurts all the more when your boyfriend gives a lame excuse that you seldom realize is an excuse. If you think that the guy who has loved you all the time can’t lie to you when breaking up, then wake up and smell the truth; they lie and that too blatantly. They will give you the lamest of excuses and just then our common sense goes for a toss. It’s time you learn to see through them, accept reality and move on. Here is a low down on 6 popular excuses that guys use to break up.

1. Its not you, it’s me

Come on, who hasn’t used this line? The most clichéd excuse for a breakup, this sentence is when the alarm bells should start ringing. The moment he says it’s not about you, it means it’s all about you! Whatever the reason, it just means that he is not interested in you anymore and he just saved you a lot of time by breaking it off, else it would have just been a journey downhill.

2. I need to concentrate on my career

If he needs to concentrate on his career now, then what was he doing all this while? His career must be going great guns for all you know and it might not even need any more concentration. It may be that he is just bored of you and is already looking for better options in his love life and not his career. If you hear him say this, then tell him to take a hike and update his CV for better opportunities.

3. You deserve someone better

You certainly deserve someone better if your boyfriend is breaking up with you using this excuse. The truth may be that he cannot put up with you anymore or is looking for some more ‘action’ in his love life. Many a times, guys also think that in this situation you may agree to sleep with them for the first time, and then they will leave you anyway.

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