7 Texting Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make While Dating

7 Texting Mistakes You Shouldn't Make While Dating

When you are dating a guy, you are likely to feel the constant urge of being in touch with him though calls, Facebook or by texting. Read on to find about texting mistakes that you shouldn’t make while you are dating, lest you drive your guy away.

1. Don’t be mushy all the time

Women tend to write their hearts out when they are fond of a guy. They wouldn’t mind writing texts that exceed their character limits and run into a couple of more messages. While women may find this romantic, men can be turned off by it sometimes. Avoid becoming too mushy while you are texting your guy and avoid pouring out all your feelings into your text messages to him.

2. Don’t text continuously

Women are known to be far more communicative than men, especially when it comes to texting and writing emails. If you are getting tempted to write that umpteenth text to your date asking him about what he is doing or where he is, control yourself. Women who text their boyfriends continuously asking about their whereabouts may come across as nagging. Don’t send text messages too frequently and allow him to take the initiative of getting in touch too.

3. Avoid using too many emoticons

When you are texting your date, use emoticons sparsely otherwise they may lose their meaning. If you place a smiley at the end of every text you send your boyfriend, he may eventually stop noticing them. When you then start sending emoticons only to convey a subtle signal, your boyfriend may actually be missing the smileys completely because of their overuse in the past. Use an emoticon only when you want to convey an important meaning subtly in your text messages.

4. Avoid sustaining a long conversation by texting

It may be okay to send your date a few texts asking him how he is or asking about his day. Just because he replies to all your texts does not mean he necessarily likes it. Exchanging three or four texts in a couple of hours can be sufficient. Don’t deliberately lengthen the conversation over a text just because you want to hold his attention. If you must have a long conversation, pick up the phone and call him.

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