7 Great Tips to Enjoy Halloween Alone

7 Great Tips to Enjoy Halloween Alone

Being alone on Halloween is not as boring as you think. If you have the right plans up your sleeve, you can make your solitary Halloween fun too. Here are a few tips to enjoy Halloween if you are alone.

1. Attend a Halloween party in the neighborhood

You don’t need to whine about the fact that you are alone on Halloween. Households with kids in your neighborhood are likely to celebrate by hosting parties. Halloween is a time when you don’t need invitations to go to people’s places. Say hello to your neighbors and ask them if you can join their party. They are likely to gladly welcome you. As long you as you have friendly neighbors, you can never be alone on Halloween.

2. Decorate your house

Go all out decorating your house with spooky Halloween decorations by using orange and black candles, carved pumpkins, broomsticks, empty barrels, Jack-o’-lanterns and candy apples. Use dim and scary lighting for added effect. If you don’t want to spend time creating these decorations yourself, buy readymade Halloween decorations from the market. You can take pictures of your house and share them on Facebook to let your friends know that you had an awesome Halloween even though you were alone.

3. Make Halloween treats that you can give other kids

Even if you are alone on Halloween, it won’t stop kids from knocking at your door to ask for a trick-or-treat. Be prepared with lots of Halloween themed sweets and candies that you can share with kids from the neighborhood. Bake goodies at home and use eerie icing on the cake or fill candies in an empty skeleton mould.

4. Watch scary movies if you dare

Watching scary movies alone is a risky proposition but a fun thing to do if you want to go all out to enjoy Halloween. Stack up on DVDs of scary movies before Halloween or download them online. Make a bowl full of popcorn and hit the couch as the movie begins. If you get too spooked out, you can always call a friend or go to a nearby mall for a fresh breath of air.

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