7 Essentials You Should Always Carry During Rains

7 Essentials You Should Always Carry During Rains

While in some regions of the world rain is of a perennial nature, in other regions, rain catches people unawares at regular intervals. Then there are monsoon belts wherein people are prepared for the rains at a given point of time. In whichever area you reside, you need to be equipped to face the rains in a smart way. Here are some of the most important items you must carry during rains.

1. Umbrella or raincoat

An umbrella, windcheater or raincoat is the very first thing you ought to get hold of when it starts to rain. Always keep a compact one handy in your purse, car or office to be protected from the rain and diseases like the flu.

2. A hand towel

A hand towel is a necessity along with an umbrella or raincoat. None of these can fully protect you. During moderate to heavy rainfall, water droplets accumulate on the skin and hair. To wipe them off, you would need a hand towel.

3. A waterproof bag

Carry your stuff around in a waterproof handbag. Keep your regular handbag aside and for the time being, until the rains persist, it’s a wise decision to carry a waterproof bag as your things, especially makeup, notes and files will stay safe and not get spoilt due to the moisture.

4. Hair mousse

Due to the humidity and mixture in the air as well as the dampness of the water droplets that settle in the head, everyday becomes a bad hair day during the rains. Hair become frizzy and mangled. Carry a fine comb, leave on conditioner and hair mousse to quickly fix your hair after you have reached wherever you had to, braving the rains.

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