6 Good Reasons to Post Your Relationship Status on Facebook

P6 Good Reasons to Post Your Relationship Status on Facebook

Your profile says everything about you on the social networking sites. People get updates about you, your likes, dislikes and other events. Here are 6 good reasons to post your relationship status on Facebook

1. It makes people aware if you are available or committed

Your relationship status would make it clear to everyone whether you are available or taken. It will help save time and effort of people who would be interested in you. In case your status is single and someone wants to approach you, it would give him the confidence to do so.

2. Past relationships won’t be a complication

Your exes and your current partner’s exes will know it clearly that you are dating someone now. It would help to avoid complications in terms of your ex trying to get back with you. There will be no interference as it’s a public acknowledgment of you being in relationship with someone else.

3. A message for people to stay away

Putting your relationship status means you have made it official and you are telling the people to back off and that you are not available anymore. It helps in cutting off the jealousy and insecurity part to a great extent. You feel secure in your heart that your partner is comfortable with being acknowledged as ‘boyfriend.’

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