6 Fun Ways To Tell Him That You Are Pregnant

6 Fun Ways To Tell Him That You Are Pregnant

Once you discover that you are pregnant, you will want to share the news with your partner first. Be it your husband or boyfriend, he deserves to know the news first. There are several ways to break the news of your pregnancy to your partner; some of them are discussed below.

1. Face to face

A planned pregnancy is the most joyous of pregnancies. Your partner and you have been trying to conceive for sometime and it has at last happened. This news must be shared with a hug and a kiss with your partner. So wait until you get a chance to meet him face to face and then break the news to him.

2. Call him home and then talk

You are probably not ready for pregnancy, but it has happened. You have to tell your partner of this unplanned pregnancy but you are dreading his reaction. In that case, it is a good idea to ask your partner to come home and then discuss the matter. You will have to give him time to digest the information. So if he goes dumbfounded or totally insane immediately after you tell him, do not get mad at him.

3. Over the phone

When it is impossible for you to have a face to face conversation with your partner while you break the news because he is out of station for a few days, it is wise to choose the phone over email. You could give him hints and clues and ask him to guess what you are so excited about. You could even send a fax message to his office number in an encrypted manner, which only he will be able to understand.

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