6 Fun Facts About the November Birth Flower

6 Fun Facts About the November Birth Flower

The birth flower for November is Chrysanthemum. It implies that all the people born in November share this decorative flower as their birth flower. The November birth flower has close to 30 species and are native to Eurasia. It is believed that Chrysanthemum has been cultivated in China since 15th century. The flower is a favorite among florists and is used in flower bouquets extensively by them.

1. Origin of name

The name “Chrysanthemum”, has Greek roots. It is a combined term of two Greek words, “Chrysos” which means gold and “Anthos” which means flower. The common names for Chrysanthemum are “Mums” and ‘Chrysanths.”

2. Physical appearance

The Chrysanthemum, a yearly herbaceous plant, blooms in late summer and fall. It has different species which show varying physical features and can grow up to 50-150 cm tall. The leaves of this plant are typically deep lobed and green. The Chrysanthemum flowers are sun-shaped and mostly white in color. The wild species of Chrysanthemum usually bears yellow or pink flowers.

3. Symbolic meaning

The Chrysanthemum has an interesting history and the meaning of the November birth flower has evolved with time. The November flower mainly symbolizes compassion and secret love. It also signifies wealth and delight. Back in the Victorian era, the flower would signify a message of wonderful friendship.

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