6 Best Lingerie Brands in the World

6 Best Lingerie Brands in the World

Well, this one is for all those women who either have a closet full of lovely lingerie or long to have a sexy piece of some of the sexiest lingerie in the world. We give you some of the best lingerie brands that you must get your hands on!

1. Victoria’s Secret

Well, no marks for guessing why this one made it to the list! Almost everyone knows the name of this brand as it has maintained its success over the years. What makes it more interesting is the fact that it hires its own models to publicize the brands. These models, also called Victoria’s Secret Angels, are enough to make your imagination run wild. Could you ask for a more provocative combination than angels and lingerie?

2. La Perla

When you have celebrities like Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, and Julianne Moore showing their support for your brand, you know that you got it good. It comes as no surprise that Jean Paul Gaultier referred to La Perla as “the pearl of lingerie.” Primarily known for its marvelous corsets, the brand not only has glamorous creations but also offers a great fit for each body type.

3. Agent Provocateur

Though the brand has a French name, it was in fact born in England. Often considered as one of the sexiest lingerie brands, Agent Provocateur is known for its tantalizing creations. From enticing night wear, knickers, waspies, bras, corsets, and swimwear to sunglasses and romantic bed linen, the brand gives you all that you need to be your sexy best!

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