10 Tricks to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables

10 Tricks to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables

How to get kids to eat vegetables is one question that has been troubling most mommies. Are you one of them? How many times have you noticed that your kids are just playing around with the vegetables kept on their plate, or worst, have thrown them into the bin? Yes, making kids eat vegetables can be a tough task. To tackle this problem, all you require is a few tricks and your kids will start eating vegetables soon. Check out the ones mentioned below.

1. Be creative

Add some alphabet noodle shapes while making a vegetable soup. Kids will be so involved in finding those letters that they will hardly notice what they are eating.

2. Make them drink

Many a times, kids avoid vegetables because they find chewing on those veggies too boring. The best way out of such a situation is to make them have vegetables in a different form. How about a drink? Sounds enticing? Then follow this. Make a soup of the veggies you want your kids to eat. Pour the soup in a fancy glass, add a cocktail umbrella in the glass and see your kids drink it all up. Though they won’t get as much fiber as they need, from drinking vegetables, but something is better than nothing. Isn’t it?

3. Give vegetables as appetizers

Mostly kids are hungry when it’s meal time. At such times, it’s the hunger that overpowers them and they don’t care what they eat. So, strike the iron while it is hot. While you are preparing dinner, put some carrots, cucumber and celery on a plate and offer them as appetizers. Chances are they will eat them quietly as they just require something to munch on.

4. Give them a choice

Put out carrots, broccoli, tomatoes and other vegetables in buffet style and let them choose what they like. Kids like to choose and make decisions like adults. When you allow them to make their choice, they’ll be delighted to eat because it’s their pick!

5. Let them create an artwork

Kids love to play with colors. So offer them vegetables in different shapes, sizes and colors and tell them to make a vegetable collage on their plate. In this way, they will also eat the vegetables kept in front of them.

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