5 Worst College Majors

5 Worst College Majors

After having your bit of fun and studying in college, you come out to the real world and find out that your skills and all the hard work you put in all those years are of no use or not valued as you had imagined. This happens when you pick some of the worst subjects to major in. There are not bad subjects to learn, they enrich you and make you well learned and wiser. Only they don’t help you to easily land a job. And if you do manage to get a job, you find out the hard way that you don’t get paid enough for having slogged through all the semesters. Some of the worst subjects that you can major in looking at the current employability rates and markets are

1. Anthropology and Archaeology

With degrees in these two subjects, the most decent job you can think of getting is teaching or work in a museum. But there are only so many colleges and museums that need people and with budget cuts everywhere, it could be years before you find a job in your relevant field. The starting pay too pales in comparison to the amount of work you put into studying.

2. Film, Video and Photographic arts

Firstly, the prices of cameras have come down, DSLR’s have become affordable and with the help of the right software almost everyone can become a photographer and come out with great pictures. Secondly, the market is saturated. There is so much talent and you have to be either extremely talented or lucky to break into the industry and make a name.

3. Fine Arts

It is a great subject to major in. It is wonderful to improve your creative skills and learn so much about art and sculpture. It enriches your imagination, but sadly does very little to enrich your pockets. It could work if you are a romantic and are not worried about materialistic things in life, but the truth is, romanticism hardly works in the real world.

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