6 Best Vampire Books

6 Best Vampire Books

Vampires have always been a part of folklore and have inspired many to write about them or make movies on them. They are a good addition to the horror genre and come closely on the heels of ghosts to give you the shivers. The vampire fiction which had seen a low for a few years saw a resurrection when the twilight series was released. Here is a look at the best vampire books that have been written and printed over the years.

1. Dracula

Perhaps the pioneer in the vampire fiction novels, this was a huge success when it was published in 1897 and still remains a favourite among vampire fans. Count Dracula, his exploits and the numerous attempts of the other characters of the book have been well chronicled in the form of journal entries, diary entries and newspaper articles. The author put in extensive research to write the book, basing portions of it from the European folklore.

2. Interview with the Vampire

Some know the movie better than the book. The movie starred big names such as brad pitt, tom cruise and Kirsten dunst. This novel was the first of The Vampire Chronicles series and is in the form of an interview between a reporter and a Vampire. It is an interesting tale of the Vampire over the course of two hundred years, told very imaginatively by the author Anne Rice.

3. The Historian

This vampire novel by Elizabeth kostova actually manages to send a shiver down your spine as you read it. It is a potpourri of real life characters and fiction, with references to count Dracula from the Dracula novel. The book is interesting in the way that it brings together three different narratives. It is definitely not for the faint hearted or people who are afraid of shadows.

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