5 Ways to Turn Him On in The Bedroom

5 Ways to Turn Him on in the Bedroom

You really want your man to go crazy after you so that he fantasizes you day in and day out. But what can you do that will drive him completely mad so that he is left craving for more and more of you? Well, to begin with, here’s a list of absolute turn ons that will never leave his mind. Every time he remembers them, he’ll come rushing to you.

1. Surprising him with a hot sexy shower time!

Surprise him by inviting him to some hot sexy shower time with you! Entice him gently and make him want more. To spend more relaxing time, you can also plan a nice bubble bath together where both of you can take turns massaging each other while enjoying your time!

2. Making him feel like a king (a handsome king!)

Believe it or not, but that’s a great turn on for men. If your man feels confident about himself around you, he’ll be more turned on. So go ahead, pamper his ego. Tell him all that you love about him. Pick up a rose and move over to his lips and tell him how you find his smile so sexy. Or take an ice cube and gently rub over his back and tell him that you are cooling him down because he’s so hot!!!

3. Bringing his bedroom fantasy alive!

Go ahead, put in some efforts to know what he really fantasizes and make it come true, just for him!

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