5 Ways To Cheer Up Your Best Friend Who Just Broke Up

Five Ways To Cheer Up Your Best Friend Who Has Had A Bad Breakup

There are times when even the best of us have setbacks in life. And when it falls closer to the people you love, you want to do everything in your power to make them feel better. One day you wake up to a call by your sobbing bestie telling you she broke up with the love of her life, that her once meant-to-be wasn’t even going to be a part of her life anymore. What would you do to cushion the blow? Clueless? Check out these five ways to cheer her up.

1. Take her out partying

So your best friend broke up. But you’re not going to let her cry her eyes out, are you? Bring out those stilettos and high heels, put on your hottest (read-shortest) dress and show some legs. Adorn some bling and then some more and dress up to kill. It’s time to dance it out! Get your gang together and take her to the hottest club in the city. Have her absorb in all the neon, party till dawn and drown down all her sorrows. Let her have a drink or two but not more. Not unless you want to have a drunk whiner of a friend as company for the rest of the night!

2. Have a girls’ night out

If your friend is just too depressed to dress up and celebrate her newly found singledom, the next best option would be to have a good ol’ slumber party. Just one rule: No boys allowed. An all-night with her and just some of your closest friends, with your pajamas on and lacy pink and baby blue pillow covers. You could also order in pizza and spend the night watching comedy DVDs (no rom-coms mind you.)

3. Go out shopping with her

Nothing works wonders like some quality retail therapy. There’s no sorrow that shopping can’t repair. Take your friend to her favorite mall or if money’s an issue, downtown street side shopping works just as well. It’s not what you buy, be it a swanky new dress or just a pair of little pearl earrings, it’s just the idea of shopping and letting it out that comforts the soul.

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