10 Things To Keep In Mind When Meeting His Parents

10 Things To Keep In Mind When Meeting His Parents

Meeting your boyfriend’s parents can either be the scariest thing ever or the moment you’ve been waiting for all your life. All you can think of is ‘Will they like me?’, ‘Are they expecting anything particular of me?’ and then you obviously want to know if his parents have met any of his earlier girlfriends and their reactions so you could be better prepared. It’s a nerve-wrecking ordeal but you need to calm down. You don’t want a nervous breakdown, do you? Here are a few tips to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

1. Compliment them

Everyone loves getting compliments as it could make their day. Your boyfriend’s parents are no exception to this. If you’re at their place and like the interiors, just compliment! If you like his mom’s cooking, compliment her. Don’t go over the top with it, just a casual ‘It’s delicious!’ would be apt.

2. Mind your language

Your boyfriend’s parents’ house is definitely not the place you want to swear or use any sort of inappropriate language. Remember first impression is the best and last impression and foul language brings negative points.

3. Be useful

If you’re invited for dinner at his parents’ place, make yourself useful. Help with the dishes or the laying of the tables or basically anything that would need help. You will shine as a perfect example in his mother’s mind.

4. Manners are important

This might not seem so important but it is! A simple ‘thank you’ or ‘please can bring a big difference in the impression you create.

5. Be punctual

If you reach late to his parents’ house, it won’t be the best of impressions for them. Being late is a complete faux pas. It is always better to reach early than be tagged as a ‘latecomer’.

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