7 Reasons To Not Become A Computer Geek

7 Reasons To Not Become A Computer Geek

Computers and all sorts of gadgets are taking over our lives, quite literally! At least 9 out of 10 people are computer savvy. Research reveals that in the recent years, the number of computer geeks have increased by leaps and bounds. Although, it is good to walk hand in hand with the current times, it isn’t a great thing to become a computer geek. Studies cite that being a computer geek can have a detrimental impact on a person’s overall well-being. Here’s why.

    1.You become a slave to technology

    Agreed that technology and computers have made life simpler. That does not mean you turn into their slaves. Look around yourself. Appreciate the real things in life before you forget their names.

    2. You become obsessed with it

    Being computer savvy and being obsessed are two completely different things. Obsession can drive you crazy in actual terms.

    3. You forget the language of human beings

    You need to know the language that humans speak! You cannot converse all the time in your geeky language with your technical jargon. Next thing you know is you will start writing everything in programming languages.

    4. You drift away from reality

    Virtual life brings virtual happiness. It is doesn’t last long. After a few, hours you have to return to reality. Keeping the reality check is extremely essential.

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