5 Of The Worst Gifts Guys Get Their Girlfriends

5 Of The Worst Gifts Guys Get Their Girlfriends

When it comes to presenting gifts to girlfriends, guys prove themselves that they are really from Mars. They buy stuff with utmost interest to impress their girlfriends on her special day but end up getting kicked out of their house, storming out of the restaurant or even worse, breaking up. If you don’t believe us then check out this list of the 5 worst gifts guys get their girlfriends on their special events.

1. Household appliances

Presenting a vacuum cleaner on your girlfriend’s birthday is like saying, “Hey happy birthday but don’t forget to clean up the mess after party.” So, household appliances like toaster, oven and iron don’t really qualify as a gift for your sweetheart but instead qualify as a top ranking worst gift for your girlfriend.

2. Acne or anti-wrinkle creams

Acne or anti-wrinkle cream is the worst gift a girl can ever receive on her birthday from her boyfriend. Girls are very sensitive about the subject of skin quality or signs of aging and receiving an anti-wrinkle cream or acne cream will only imply that either her boyfriend is not satisfied with her looks or he thinks she is getting older.

3. Fitness or diet products

Fitness products instantly remind a girl about her little cellulite problem and about her bulging waistline. Except for a few girls who own a gym, a fitness product can only ruin her mood and hurt her feelings.

4. Nose hair trimmer

The reaction to a gift like a nose hair trimmer cannot be described, it can only be showed. So, no wonder if a girl dumps her boyfriend on their 10th anniversary after receiving a nose hair trimmer. It is one of the most insulting gifts a guy could ever present his girlfriend.

5. A cook book

Just like the household appliances, a cook book also qualifies as one of the worst gifts. It only makes a girl feel like she is liked by her boyfriend only because she can cook, clean and do the laundry. It will further demonstrate her boyfriend as a male chauvinist who thinks women are only made for cooking and cleaning for their husbands.

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