9 Things You must Know About Easter

Things You must Know About Easter

Easter is a Christian festival which is celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The day of Easter is the day when Jesus came back to life after having being crucified at Calvary, according to the New Testament. This day is preceded by a special 40 day period called Lent, during which the Passion of Christ is remembered through prayer and fasting. Easter is, therefore, a huge celebration for Christians all over the world. Listed here are 9 things you must know about Easter.

1. Easter is the oldest Christian holiday known and is also a very significant day for the church as this was the day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, just three days after his crucification, according to the New Testament.

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2. Americans enjoy and celebrate Easter like no other! On an average, they consume 16 million jellybeans, 90 million chocolate bunnies, more than 90 billion eggs and 700 billion peeps on Easter every year.

3. The maximum number of candies is consumed on the day of Easter, just after the Halloween holidays. More than 100 million pounds of candies are sold on this day, and all households spend an estimated total of $14 billion on Easter every year.

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4. The Easter eggs form a very significant part of the Easter celebrations, and they are considered to be symbolic of new life, joy, celebration, festivity and resurrection.

5. The Easter Bunny is believed to have stemmed from an ancient Anglo-Saxon celebration called Eastre. Eastre was the name of the goddess of spring, and her symbol was a bunny. So in the 1700s, the bunny became associated with the American Easter celebrations by courtesy of the Germans who settled in Pennsylvania at the time.

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