5 Top Tips To Impress Your Boyfriend

5 Top Tips To Impress Your Boyfriend

‘Bad impressions last a lifetime whereas good impressions don’t’. What do you think about this? We think that it is true. All the more reason for us women to make good impressions that last longer. Before we give you tips on how to impress your boyfriend, let us tell you that this is not going to be easy. Your efforts may seem to go in vain right now but patience is the key here, ladies. Impress your boyfriend with these great tips.

1. Manage some of his errands

Can you imagine what a smile you’ll bring on your boyfriend’s face if he came back home from work one day to find out that all his outstanding utility bills had been paid? But wait, we are not asking you to pay them from your account. You can impress your boyfriend by saying, “Honey, I’ve put together all your outstanding utility bills which total to $1700. Why don’t you give me the cash and I will manage the rest?” Do you see what we mean? This was just one example. Every man has a pile of such outstanding errands on the back of his mind which has been procrastinated over time. Offer some help and impress your boyfriend.

2. Reach your goals

Do you know why we are suggesting this? Because men are impressed by successful women. Being successful does not always mean having a great career. Here we are talking about the goals that you set for yourself. It can be as simple as ‘I want to be debt free in 3 months’ or ‘I want to lose 5 pounds over the next 2 months’ or ‘I’m going to save up to buy that dress I’ve always wanted’. You can impress your boyfriend by showing him that you too can set and achieve goals.

3. Talk about joint finances

We know this may sound boring, but all men like it when their girlfriends show concern about money matters. So the next time he says, “’Honey, let me buy you that expensive bag you’ve always wanted”, you can reply by saying, “Not right now darling. I’ve made a list of all the purchases you’ve made for me and I think it is time to cut down on our expenditure. Why not save some money for a trip that we can take later?” Your boyfriend will be very impressed.

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