Top 5 Ways To Improve Vocabulary

5 Ways To Enrich Your Vocabulary

Can you think of any bare essentials except food, water and air that you cannot live without? You may not have thought of this but it’s language. Have you noticed how well spoken the Miss World’s and Miss Universe’s are? That’s because of their amazing command over language. Can you think about people who impress you the most in your daily life? One of the primary reasons for that is that they speak well. Don’t you want to speak like them as well? Get an added feather in your cap by improving your vocabulary and speak great English. These are the top 5 ways to improve your vocabulary.

1. Read, read, read to improve your vocabulary

Did you read a book yesterday and skipped a difficult word you didn’t understand? Well, we all do that out of laziness. But you know what – that’s the best way to improve your vocabulary. Make it a habit and you’ll find yourself doing it again and again. Do you feel distracted looking up a word each time you don’t understand it? Simply underline it and look it up when you feel like! Do you have an Amazon Kindle? An iPad? This is the time to put those babies to good use. Wouldn’t you be impressed with someone who said, “Your music collection is eclectic” instead of someone who said, “Your music collection has a lot of variety”? Think about it.

2. Practice word puzzles

“Ugggh – Why can’t I find the answer to this!” is my dialogue every morning when I’m solving the daily crossword in the newspaper. I cherish this habit of mine. You can get into it too – it’s never too late! I love the challenge of finding the answers. If you like a good challenge, try it! It’s great fun doing word ladders, puzzles and crosswords. Okay, let me warn you – you will get addicted!

3. Add a word per day

You’d be thinking, “Okay, I have begun reading books, magazines, Reader’s Digest, word puzzles, etc. What now? I still can’t seem to remember any words that I learn!” I’ve noticed that the key to improve your vocabulary is to put the newly learnt words into practice. Make it compulsory for yourself to use one new word in a sentence each day with friends or family. This will do the trick. Spare a few minutes, put in the effort – it’ll pay off, trust me.

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