5 Tips to Move on After Divorce

5 Tips to Move on After Divorce

Moving on after a divorce, whether amicable or not, is easier said than done. Here are a few tips that will help you on your journey to surviving life after your divorce.

1. Give yourself time to heal

That it takes time to move on after a divorce is no secret. The longer the marriage lasted, the more pain you will feel. This is especially true of women who had been trapped in physically or emotionally abusive relationships. It will take you time to put the pieces of your life and heart back together, so you shouldn’t be hard on yourself for needing time to cope with this change in your life. If possible, take a vacation. Getting away from the house you lived in as a couple will help you to keep the nostalgia at bay.

2. Get grief counseling

There are five stages of grief that you need to get over to get some peace, and it’s not easy doing it on your own. A grief counselor who has previous experience in guiding women after a divorce will be able to offer you advice in addition to assigning exercises that will help you deal with your grief. Even more importantly he or she will listen to you without being judgmental. This way you can really talk about what you’re feeling and get all the anger, pain and hurt off your chest without feeling self-conscious.

3. If you have children, help them understand

As a mother, not only will you be dealing with your own grief, you will have to deal with the pain that your child or your children go through, especially if the divorce was not amicable. If there was a custody battle, or if the divorce proceedings got ugly, your child or children may be traumatized emotionally. Explain to them why the divorce took place and encourage them to ask questions and talk about how they feel. Talking to your children is an important part for you to move on.

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