5 Reasons Why iPhones are Not That Cool Anymore

5 Reasons Why Iphones are Not That Cool Anymore

Granted they are legendary. They have an aura you simply can’t place. They are manufactured by what is known as the most iconic company in the world. Yes, we are talking about the iPhones. The phone that made phones larger than life. But 5 years after they were first launched, are they still the ultimate status symbols of our times? In short, are they still cool?

1. Decreasing degree of innovation

Innovations are something Apple and by its extension iPhones are known for. However, the iPhone 5, the latest in the series of iPhones leaves much to be desired. So the screen size has been made bigger, the camera is better, the processor is better, even the earbuds are better, but where is the ground breaking innovation? Apple fanboys may argue that iPhone created a whole new category that has spawned so many spin offs and hence it very much deserves the title of being the most innovative. However, from the customer’s point of view, where are the features the new version can boast of and hence give its owner the snob value they seek? The current iPhone not only lacks a path breaking innovation, it also boasts of nothing which other phones can’t claim to provide. For the first time, Apple is not leading the innovation, but is lagging behind its peers and trying to keep up with them.

2. The looks

While on the topic of innovation, ever noticed the design of the iPhone? How it has been mostly unchanged over its successive iterations? True, the iPhone design is as close to perfect as it can get, and has been emulated by its many competitors (case in point, Samsung). However, having the same design on all the successive phones can make them a little staid and boring. True, there have been continuous changes – sleeker, lighter, thinner so on and so forth. But it isn’t much when compared to say HTC phones, or the dazzling variety of Samsung phones or even the most recent Nokia Lumias which seem to take the cake in terms of pure aesthetic appeal. What the iPhone needs now is probably a little dash of color to make it dazzle once again!

3. The rigid OS

The Apple iOS is brilliant, intuitive and easy to engage with. This is an indisputable fact. However, what is also a fact is that it is extremely rigid, imposes a strict framework which its users are expected to operate within. This is a far cry from the flexibility which has become the hallmark of android phones (the fastest growing OS platform for mobile phones). Android users can’t stop gushing about how their little devices let them tweak and customize it to suit them and how much freedom it gives them. Compared to that, iPhones look like aristocrats of a bygone era who are refusing to see that feudal times are over.

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