5 Tips to Deal with an Arrogant Date

5 Tips to Deal with an Arrogant Date

Arrogance can be a difficult trait to deal with. You cannot imagine being with a person who is full of himself. Even if he has other qualities, arrogance can overshadow all of his positive traits. Here are 5 ways to deal with an arrogant date.

1. Be clear and express yourself

An arrogant guy who is supposes to give attention to you on a date, but instead gives importance to himself should know how you feel. You need to tell him clearly that he can take his time and call back if he is really interested. You don’t need to say this rudely but it is important that you state it clearly that he should give you some importance and not boast about himself.

2. Make him aware of your dislikes

He will surely respect you and give you a call once you have clearly expressed yourself. After that you need to share about your likes and dislikes. Talk more about your dislikes; this will actually remind him that you don’t like certain things and behavior. If you are successful, he will avoid those things.

3. Don’t fall for him too easily

Men with confidence, mystery and patience are very attractive but with arrogant men, you really need to be patient. Even if you like him don’t show it too easily. He needs to get over his arrogance first. Create a mystery; confuse him so that he becomes desperate to find out about your feelings.

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