How to Resolve Conflicts In the Workplace?

How to Resolve Conflicts In the Workplace?

A workplace is different from your school/college. At college, you have friends. Friends can understand you and get along with you. Even if you have a fight, you generally get back again. A workplace is different. Not all your team mates can be your friends. Everyone will have an individual and a different mindset. Everyone cannot adjust easily to their surroundings. That is when conflicts arise. Conflicts at workplace are very unpleasant. They can also lead to loathing the job and thoughts to quit it. Going to office every day, seeing a team mate not cooperating with you and getting vexed is not at all fine. It is always good to resolve conflict at work, rather than winning over it. Resolving a conflict ensures that it won’t arise again in the future. Winning over it is only temporary. The whole issue might come up at any point of time. Here are a few tips on how to resolve conflict in the workplace

1. The sooner the better

An apology is well accepted only when it is immediate. Likewise, a conflict or a misunderstanding is better solved when you take steps to clear it immediately. Waiting for the right moment or the right situation to raise the topic and then discuss on it may not always be advisable.

2. Apologize

A conflict cannot arise when the mistake is only on one side. As the maxim says, it takes two hands to clap, misunderstandings from both the sides lead to conflicts. First apologize for your side of the conflict and then proceed onto solving it.

3. Don’t interfere

When the other person is talking, it is best not to interfere. Let him/her complete his/her point and then you can say what you feel about the situation.

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