5 Tips To Follow When Serving Drinks

5 Tips To Follow When Serving Drinks

“Jose, I’m amazed at how well you serve drinks in all your patio parties. Not only do you maintain serving etiquette very well, you also make your guests very happy with your alcohol. What’s your secret?”, asked a curious Karen. Friends, if you too want to know more about the etiquette of serving alcohol to guests at a home party or as a professional bartender, read on.

1. Make sure it’s the right glass!

“Do you think that this etiquette is not worth talking about because it’s way too basic? You’ll be surprised to know how many hosts and professional bartenders make this blunder”, laughed Jose. “That’s true Jose, choosing the right glasses and bar equipment for the relevant type of alcohol is not only the most basic, but also the most important etiquette of serving drinks to guests. You must never underestimate your guests’ alcohol knowledge!”, affirmed Karen.

2. Don comfortable clothing

“Although this etiquette of serving alcohol applies more to professional bartenders, you should follow it even if you are serving guests at home”, said Jose. “This one especially applies to the women folk. They should wear dresses that don’t have plunging necklines”, he added. You don’t want to flout this etiquette only to invite eyeballs at your cleavage, do you girls?

3. Be clear about the payment

This is one etiquette of serving drinks that many muck up with. If it is a BYO or a pay-for-your-booze party, you need to lay down the payment rules very clear”, said Jose. “Yes, I know, many guests will act smart and ask you to make the drink very strong, which means that they want to have a double shot without paying for it”, replied Karen. “That’s right. Your art and knowledge of etiquettes for serving drinks will come in to play when tricky situations like these occur”, said Jose.

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