5 Things Every To Be Mother Must Know About

5 Things Every To Be Mother Must Know About

Pregnancy is usually filled with mixed emotions and with each approaching day to the due date, anxiety builds up. However, there are many things every mother-to-be must know to facilitate a stress free and happy pregnancy and easy labor.

1. Enjoy every day

With motherhood, it is not just responsibility that arrives but also sleepless nights, fear of what is in store, understanding your little one’s expressions and other little aspects that you have to decipher especially when you are a first time mom. So if you think that you are tired of waiting and want to see your little one right away, think again. Enjoy every day that you have now for yourself. You may not be able to spare so much time post delivery.

2. Babies will cry

It is in the nature of every baby to cry. It is their only way to express! The habit continues for a few more years after their birth. As a mother-to-be or a new mother, it is important to avoid getting frustrated. Understand the reasons why your little one is crying and attend to his or her needs. A little bit of crying means no harm and do not get worked up over it.

3. Approaching due date

You never know when you will begin to experience contractions. At that time, you may feel a lot of anxiety and may not even be in a state of mind to think rationally. Therefore, do not wait to get your bags packed at the last minute. Do so at least a month before your due date or better still two months prior to the expected date. Ensure your bag holds the essentials that you and your newcomer will need as per your doctor’s specifications.

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