5 Signs Your Child is a Bully

Signs Your Child is a Bully

At times parents don’t take seriously what their children do in their childhood. But in this ignorance and the lack of time to deal with such things, you may actually be giving space for a bully to grow. And that is neither healthy for the society nor for your child. Here are 5 signs your child is a bully.

1. He/she has an aggressive nature

The best way to assess if your child is a bully is to observe his/her behavior at home. See if your child is aggressive, either emotionally or physically. Also how your child behaves with his/her siblings is a great indicator whether your child is a bully. Fights between siblings are normal while growing up. But if your child is overly dominating and violent with his/her brothers or sisters, and enjoys doing it, then there must be a problem.

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2. Your child may have wrong company

With the upbringing and values you gave, you may be sure that your child’s perfect and there can’t be anything wrong with him/her. You may be right. Your child may not be a bully by himself/herself, but wrong company can do a lot of things. Your child may be going around with people who are mean and unsympathetic by nature.

3. Your child is conscious of his/her image

If your child is obsessed with his/her image and status in society and is utterly fearful of losing it, then it may be a sign. The craze of popularity makes people do mean things just because they have “a reputation they have to live up to”.

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