5 Reasons Why Women Should Support Cruelty Free Cosmetics

5 Reasons Why Women Should Support Cruelty Free Cosmetics

So many times consumers are not aware about what they are using, and how animal trialing is done to test the success of a product. They are not marked on the bottles but that should not stop you from further investigating about the products and companies which resort to cruelty. Here are 5 reasons why women should support cruelty free cosmetics.

1. To conserve nature

Already for the purpose of consumption, many animals are slaughtered everyday – meat, pork, lamb, goat, chicken, sea food, rabbit, kangaroo and many others. The world is as it is facing shortage in terms of demand and supply of non vegetarian products. If animals are used to create cosmetic products or for merciless acts of animal testing, it can lead to a massive ecological disaster and even extinction of certain species.

2. To protect animals

Animals as living beings have the right to existence. It is fairly understandable when to balance the cycle of nature they are available as sources of food and nutrition because the human body is actually benefiting from the same but it is outrageous when they are killed only to smear make up on the face.

3. To be a true vegan

Most cosmetic products use animal skin, and fish oils to create cosmetic products. Women who are vegetarian or do not believe in killing animals for aesthetic purposes should put an end to this by buying products which are natural or do not use any part of animals for producing make up.

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