5 Ways to Sweat Proof Your Look

5 Ways to Sweat Proof Your Look

Hot sun and high humidity can lead to some major beauty disasters. Going out with full makeup on a sunny day can be a biggest mistake unless you are careful. But, just because of that, you cannot go barefaced on all occasions. All you can do is to sweat proof your look to keep your perspiration from wilting your application. Check out 5 ways to sweat proof your look.

1. Moisturize your face

If you think that applying moisturizer during the scorching summer will lead to extra sweat, you are mistaken. The skin that is not protected with moisturizer can result in more sebum production. So, always moisturize before you go out. You can go for a blemish balm (BB) with SPF that can act as both moisturizer and sunscreen. You can also choose tinted moisturizer with SPF of 15 and which has a shade based on your natural skin tone. These can stay for long and protect your skin simultaneously.

2. Choose pressed powder

Frequent touch ups will be important amidst summer sweats. So, it is best to keep a compact with pressed powder handy. It evens out skin tone and will not give you that shine every time. Use a brush instead of a puff and apply the powder on your facial areas that tend to be oilier.

3. Keep your eye makeup minimal

For the best sweat proof look, keep your eye makeup minimal. Go for waterproof and smudge resistant eyeliners. If possible, skip lining the bottom lash line as sometimes it can get sticky in the warm weather and can move down under your eyes. Glide the liner on the top lash line. You can also try pleasant colors to keep up with the season like shades of yellow, orange, champagne or silver. A little bit of mascara and a swipe of nude eye shadow can make your sweat proof makeup simple and stylish.

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