5 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married

5 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married

Weddings are not all about dresses, favors and oaths.They are more like a public acknowledgement of a relationship and the decision to stay together till eternity. That sounds to be good to be true in fairy tales. But in reality, wedding calls for a lot of compromise and adjustment; hence it becomes imperative that before saying ‘I do’ you must clarify on a few important grounds. Listed here are questions to ask before you get married.

1. What are your thoughts about family planning?

The most important consideration is family planning, being on equal grounds when it comes to children is a much better option. You could be focused on your career and would prefer to delay starting a family but maybe your husband would want a baby at the earliest.

2. What are your/your family’s beliefs and traditions?

Traditions and lifestyle plays an important role, especially if either of you are on close terms with family members. Having similar beliefs is much better than having to adapt to an altogether different lifestyle, not to mention the difficulties that would follow if your belief clashes with his.

3. What is your priority – work or partner?

A lot of people are workaholics and do give preference to work over family. Find out how career oriented you both are and to what extent are both of you ready to make sacrifices; as a couple and as individuals when it comes to work.

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