10 Table Manners For Kids That Your Child Must Know

10 Table Manners For Kids That Your Child Must Know

Often people judge others by their behavior. Judging people’s behavior while having food is one of the most common and easiest way to judge a person, especially kids. The way we consume food determines our characteristics. If food is consumed in a good and systematic way, then we will be disciplined in our lives. But if food is consumed in a haphazard way, our life may turn out to be undisciplined and unstable. Table manners can bring in lot of positive changes in your child’s behavior and help in developing moral values. Thus, it is our responsibility as a parent to teach our kids to eat in a well mannered way. Here are few simple tips to teach your kids table manners while having food.

1. Greet people

Most of the kids today, just come to the dining table, have a quick meal and move away. They don’t bother to smile or speak to the people around them. This leaves a very bad impression about the kid in everyone’s mind. Teach your kid to have a look at the people sitting around him/her at the dining table and greet them just by saying “Hello” or a “Hi”. First impression is truly the best and last impression. When your kid greets the people around him, a very good impression of your child being friendly and disciplined is created in the person’s mind.

2. Sitting posture

Teach your kids to sit straight, with the napkins on their lap and elbows off the table. It may be difficult for the kids to sit for a long time as their legs may not reach the ground. However, make them accustomed to sitting like this at least for 5-10 minutes a day. This also helps in strengthening the will power of your kid.

3. Pass the food

Teach your kids to pass the food rather than reaching across the table. The right way to pass the food is to pass it in a counter clockwise manner, that is, from left to right. To start with, teach your child to pass the food to the one who is sitting close to him/her. This also develops a tendency in your child to care for others.

4. Setting the table

Learning the correct way to set the table is essential for your child. This task ensures he/she’ll always know that the fork goes on the left, the spoon and knife on the right. This task also helps the child learn how to handle a responsibility given to him/her and develop consistency in the work assigned to him/her.

5. Use the fork

Train your child to eat using a fork unless the food is meant to be eaten with fingers. Eating with a fork shows the dignity in your kid. Eating with fingers may make the observers feel that your kid is untrained and uncivilized.

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