5 Real Life Situations When You Need to Lean In

5 Real Life Situations When You Need to Lean In

As a woman, you have several responsibilities towards yourself, your family, and your friends. Based on what role are you currently playing in your life, your priorities vary. Many a times it becomes very significant that you go out of your way and make efforts to help someone. We give you some of the real life situations where you need to lean in.

1. When your kids take a wrong turn

No matter how old they are, your kids will always need your direct or indirect guidance. They might end up taking a wrong decision in life and might turn to you for help. It is important that you do not distance yourself from them and provide them the necessary guidance. Let them know that they can confide in you no matter what. Regardless of what they have done, they should not have to think twice before telling you. Make sure you are there for them even when the world has turned away from them.

2. When your parents get old

It does not matter how your relation has been with your parents. As they grow older, they would need your support more than ever. Ensure that you are there to listen to them and spend some quality time with them. The older they get, the more dependent they will be on you for emotional support and love.

3. When things get sour with your spouse

The moment you get an indirect hint that there might be some disconnect between you and your husband, make sure you lean in and make the effort to understand the situation and make things better. The longer you wait to improve the situation, the worse it will get. It is the small, simple issues that eventually end up becoming big disputes. Set your ego aside and give all your focus and nurturing to your marriage.

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