5 Naughty Things to Do After A Breakup

4. Take vengeance

If your ex has some silly excuse to turn you down or has been unfaithful to you; take your vengeance out on him by writing some scathing remarks on things that he prides the most. You may want to circulate these comments with his friends or a girl that he is currently seeing. A harmless way to slash back at him.

5. Shop till you drop

Shopping is a great way for women to vent their frustrations. Shop for the most gorgeous outfits and beautiful lingerie that are sure to perk you up. Get dressed and make heads turn. Watch your ego soar high. This ego boost will certainly lift your spirits and make you feel good.

The thought of getting back to your ex is extremely tempting but if it is not a viable option, then it makes sense to let your brains rule your decisions. Think wisely and practically. After all, it is your life and you need to keep it on track.

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